Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Ayurveda - Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace - Ayurveda - Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace

Guys, keep watching this space. We are about to launch a healthcare innovation for India. This is going to be a Consumer Health Portal, Ayurveda Body Doshas Analysis Engine, Ayurveda Doctor's Profiler, e-Prescription and Video Consultation platform.

Beyond that it will allow all Ayurveda medicine and wellness product companies to add and sell their products online. This will have a chatbot as well...

So if you don't know your body Doshas, go ahead and create your profile to know the same for the first time....   - Portal Homepage - Body Doshas Analysis Test - Ayurveda Doctors Signup page - Ayurveda Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace

Ajay Chhabra