Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Digital Marketing Jobs India

Digital Marketing Jobs India
One of our dream product and project http://www.DigitalJobs.co.in is now live for testing. As we all are aware that the demand for digital talent is increasing day-by-day and there is a shortage of talent. To help the corporate in this aspect we have started a new service where-in the posting of jobs by companies and submission of resumes by candidates is free for ever. Where we have also kept an option to request resume download on per resume chargeable basis, so that you only pay-per-download rather than taking a heavy monthly subscription fee and then realizing that your boss is after your life and is evaluating you by how many CVs did you download from a job portal in a day. In fact our hiring team will reach out to each and every person seeking job, ask his aspirations, give them star ratings and then offer suitable jobs to him/her.
Digital Marketing Jobs India
So if you are looking for Digital Marketing Jobs Try this out yourselves by logging on to the http://www.digitaljobs.co.in/

Ajay Chhabra
Founder, Director & Chief Digital Officer