Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flash Games for

While working at Netcradle/saffronrage, we generated new business and based on our few initial deliveries of Flash based games got a blamket agreemnet to develop large number of games for While cracking the concepts for these ganmes I used to to do confernece chatting with their creative director Tarun Durga and our creative head ranjana Chandra. It was fun working for zapak as they gave us lot of freedom to work. Later one when we had delivered few Flash absed ganes for them we used to get structured briefs for games dvelopment. within netcradle/saffronrage we had set up a dedicated team of software professional working on this business. One of the most innovative Flash videos based game was panja. Please take out some time to play this game which we developed for


Ajay Chhabra


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