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Prathmesh Chhabra

Prathmesh Chhabra

Ajay Chhabra

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Ayurveda - Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace - Ayurveda - Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace

Guys, keep watching this space. We are about to launch a healthcare innovation for India. This is going to be a Consumer Health Portal, Ayurveda Body Doshas Analysis Engine, Ayurveda Doctor's Profiler, e-Prescription and Video Consultation platform.

Beyond that it will allow all Ayurveda medicine and wellness product companies to add and sell their products online. This will have a chatbot as well...

So if you don't know your body Doshas, go ahead and create your profile to know the same for the first time....   - Portal Homepage - Body Doshas Analysis Test - Ayurveda Doctors Signup page - Ayurveda Body Doshas Analysis & Ayurveda Marketplace

Ajay Chhabra

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bright Bars Manufacturers from India

Bright Bars Manufacturers from India is a leading Bright Bars Manufacturers from India. They are one of the most credible organization, operational since 1970. These Stainless Steel bright bars are available in sizes ranging from  4 mm to 100 mm (3/16 inch to 4 inch) diameter. They have production facilities in Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. Their Bright bars manufactured in India is used in multiple industry applications - Railways, Electric Motors & Pumps, Agriculture, Automobiles, Hoses & Fittings, Mining, Shaft Making and Miscellaneous Fabrication Jobs. 
Bright Bar Manufacturers from India
Bright Bars 

They are competing globally and are participating in the global events, the recent one being Tube and Wire Show in Germany. They are now participating in the Stainless Steel World, Americas scheduled to happen in Houston, USA. If you are looking to import very high quality Bright Bars Manufactured in India, do please Contact Ambica Steels Limited and see the difference yourself. 

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, May 27, 2016

Best IVF Centre in India

Best IVF Centre in India

Seeds of Innocence is one of the best IVF Centre in India. It is based in malviya nagar, New Delhi and is run under the leadership of Best IVF Expert & IVF Specialist Dr. Gauri Agarwal. Dr. Gauri is MBBS, MD, DNB, Fertility specailista nd co-founder and director. Dr. Rajat Arora form Yashodha Hospital is another director and founder.  Dr. Gauri Agarwal did her MBBS from BVMC, Pune and pursued her master’s from Texila American University and D.N.B in (Obstertrics and Gynaecology) from K.G.Superspeciality hospital-Coimbatore. She also earned a Fellowship program in Reproductive medicine (Infertility) from University of Gent, Belgium and also completed Training in Embryology at National University of Singapore.

Dr. Gauri Agarwal, Best IVF Doctor in India

They are offering a number of IVF and Surrogacy related services: 
1) In Vitro fertilization or IVF
2) Infertility Analysis
3) Pre-Marital Counseling
4) Sperm and Egg Donation Program

I have visited their centre couple of times and I see a lot of patients waiting for the magic to happen in their lives.  What at times seems impossible becomes possible with the help of her skills and mastering the art of reproduction technology. She offers very competitive rates if she knows that a patient does not either have that paying capacity or they come from the economically weaker sections of the society. For her this is a social service beyond career. As when the parents hear the sound of cry of their child after the wait of months and years, this is the world’s best feeling. So that’s why I have no doubt in recommending her name as one of the best IVF doctor in India and seeds of innocence to be the best ivf centre in delhi

Ajay Chhabra 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Digital Marketing Jobs India

Digital Marketing Jobs India
One of our dream product and project is now live for testing. As we all are aware that the demand for digital talent is increasing day-by-day and there is a shortage of talent. To help the corporate in this aspect we have started a new service where-in the posting of jobs by companies and submission of resumes by candidates is free for ever. Where we have also kept an option to request resume download on per resume chargeable basis, so that you only pay-per-download rather than taking a heavy monthly subscription fee and then realizing that your boss is after your life and is evaluating you by how many CVs did you download from a job portal in a day. In fact our hiring team will reach out to each and every person seeking job, ask his aspirations, give them star ratings and then offer suitable jobs to him/her.
Digital Marketing Jobs India
So if you are looking for Digital Marketing Jobs Try this out yourselves by logging on to the

Ajay Chhabra
Founder, Director & Chief Digital Officer 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top Physiotherapy Clinic in Patna - KRV Physiotherapy Patna

Top Physiotherapy Clinic in Patna - KRV Physiotherapy Patna

KRV Physiotherapy has recently announced the grand opening of it's Patna centre and clinic.
They are one of the top physiotherapy clinic providing best physiotherapy centre in Patna.

Dr. Ridwana is a very renowned and awarded physiotherapist. She is on a mission to help prevent surgeries and eliminate Pain.

In the Patna Physiotherapy centre of KRV Healthcare we have Dr. Anant Paul, who is a Sr. Consultant Physiotherapist at KRV Patna.

For all your physiotherapy requirements and booking an appointment with the top physiotherapist in patna you are most welcome to visit KRV Physiotherapy at the address mentioned below:

KRV Physiotherapy Patna
3rd Floor, Fedrel Bank Building,
Near Passport Office,
Ashiana Main Road, Patna

Contact Physiotherapist at Patna
Dr Anant Paul
Sr. Consultant Physiotherapist
Telephone: +91-0612-2580345 Mobile: +91-970900991

Visit their web page for more details:

This is one of the most promising and growing chain of physiotherapy and which is having aggressive growth, expansion and investment plans. They are even offering franchise of their Physiotherapy chain. I work very closely with the senior management team on the digital marketing consulting and all my best wishes to them for their growth in India and abroad.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, July 31, 2015

MBA in Dubai

MBA in Dubai

For anyone pursuing MBA in Dubai IMT Ghaziabad has a very well established center in Dubai. Recently we started to work upon the Online Marketing and Promotion of their Dubai Campus.

IMT Dubai was established in 2006 and has been recognized as a well know destination for students going abroad for MBA. It offers multiple courses beyond MBA in Dubai as well.

MBA in Dubai - IMT Dubai Campus Graduating Students 
If you are aspiring to study abroad and are evaluating options its worth to give it a try. Their website URL is Go ahead and evaluate IMT Dubai Campus for your dream of getting MBA in Dubai.

Ajay Chhabra

Saturday, May 30, 2015

BenQ India Launches Reconnect Campaign Video

BenQ India Launches Reconnect Campaign Video

BenQ India has been a leading player in projectors market in India. They have recently launched a very emotional campaign - Reconnect..The are working upon a real good Insight. When was the last time you spent happy moments with your family?

In the current scenario people are addicted to social media and smart phones and are spendign less time with family members. They way information is consumed in the current digital world has changed the way we watch games, collaborate with people and even say good mornings and Good night to our partners and friends.

This is an interesting and emotional video campaign to reconnect families. This is an interesting video on how technology is separating family members and how BenQ home video projectors can help reconnect family. Because Family Matters. View this video and in case you need to explore more check out their microsite -

Ajay Chhabra
Founder & Chief Digital Officer
A3R Digital Private Limited

Sunday, March 1, 2015

DQ Live 2015 to be held in New Delhi on 11th March 2015

DQ Live 2015 to be held in New Delhi on 11th March 2015

Cyber Media Group is organizing DQ Live 2015 at The Grand New Delhi on 11th March, 2015.
DQ Live 2015 will focus on building digital mastery. Digital Transformation is on the agenda of almost all forward looking & visionary CEOs. To be able to successfully achieve the same it's the right time for Indian Organizations to introspect and analyze are we on the right track? Do we have right young talent to enter and help the board rooms. Do we feel that the brand equity which you have built for so long can easily be destroyed by a Mobile App or a disruptive idea by a start-up? Is having a CIO/CTO and aligning processes enough? is it not the right time for Re-Birth for Indian Organizations? Do you feel that every function needs to be Digital Savvy and work and think like a lean start-up? Are you getting the promised ROI from technology investments or thinking to grow your business multi-fold by simply investing in a Future Idea which will drive growth?

So many questions and yet one answer - Digital.

These are some of my thoughts on organizational realignment from Digital Standpoint...

1) Each and every function has to be digitally aligned.
2) We need to hire a Full time / Part time digital expert as Chief Digital Officer with focus on new ideas for business growth
3) We need internal talent and in-house capabilities to have each one of over 16 areas of digital marketing experts reporting into the same Chief Digital Officer
4)  Have multiple digital agencies on board and hire each one with specialization on to one specific area
5) Think, Act & Behave like Private Equity investors and start investing in start-up ideas
6) Evaluate investments based on merit of the idea
7) Have CXOs go through digital orientation workshops and ask them to crystallize their thoughts by ways and means of writing a leadership blog
8) Let CDOs get equal budgets as compared to CIO and CMOs
9) Link their budgets to ROI from the campaigns and let's have constant connect with consumers on Google/Bing Search, Social Media, Professional social networking websites and Digital Ecosystem.
10) Start trusting young talent and include them in board discussions and get ideas on bigger business challanges...

It's time to open up or being phased out....which one you would want to do? I really thank Ms. Prerna Sharma and Mr. Srikanth RP for inviting me to be a speaker and also to be a part of panel discussion on the role of chief digital officer. This is an interesting phase where-in Chief Digital Officers enter the CMO/CIO debate....and would help define this Role which is still under-utilized. It would be good platform to meet so many technology leaders at one place and also to network and take digital media and marketing to next levels. I am looking forward to listen to the views of Mr. ShivaKumar of Pepsico holdings India pvt ltd on Driving Digital Transformation and Creating an Enterprise-wide Digital Strategy.

Kindly have a look at the program and speakers....

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hair exporter from India utilizing Digital Marketing

Hair exporter from India utilizing Digital Marketing 

 Hair Exporter from India utilizing Digital Marketing Digital marketing has been a boom even for SMEs and Exporters from India, We have recently tied-up with a customer who is a leading exporter of Human Hair porducts from India to multiple countries across the globe. The company website is

It does not matter if you are small, medium or large entreprise, digital medis and online marketing helps you go global very easily. The company name is KDG Enterprises This company is founded by Mr. Deepak Garg. Deepak is an Engineering graduate and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India.He brings with him more than 13 years of sales, marketing, operational and business management experience. His major work experience has been with the top consumer goods companies and he has worked across various locations in India and Africa.

Kindly visit the website They have been exporting Human Hairs to Importers in over 10 countries for the last 2 years. They have ready & bulk stock of Human Hairs available for immediate export shipments via leading logistics company. They have already shipped to over 200 wholesalers / importers in USA, UK, Germany & African countries. They have a very high standard manufacturing facility in New Delhi India for high quality production of Remy Human hairs, Virgin Hairs, Hair extensions, Wigs etc.

We have been retained by the client to do online marketing strategy consulting, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Ajay Chhabra

Monday, January 26, 2015

HubSpot in India - Marketing Automation Tool

HubSpot in India - Marketing Automation Tool

Towards late December 2014, I am excited to get into another big league of Marketing automation and Digital marketing by signing an NDA & MoU with Grupo PTM on starting to resell, implement, provide training and support for HubSpot in India.

This is an exciting time for marketing. CMOs are becoming empowered even more than CTOs in terms of technology spends for marketing. It's an era where in CMOs need to make sure that they are using right set of Global tools for their organization. Marketing planning on XLS & PPT has a short life now.

HubSpot is an integrated marketing automation tool, which helps to bring in Sales and Marketing closer, provide a unified and integrated marketing platform which is ready to deploy, helps the organization in building a global campaign easily, have all pieces of marketing strategy at one place,  It helps you bring together Sales, Marketing, Customer support and helps you build an on-line demand generation centre for your business.

Investment in HubSpot enables you to leverage the advantages of Inbound Marketing. It brings your prospects closer to your brand via pull marketing strategy. You know who is visiting your website and what kind of content he has consumed and is he likely to convert now. You can do predictive modelling and leads nurturing and build your own alerts and workflows. It is exciting even for customers as they get serviced real time and marketing teams lead them automatically to the conversion funnel.

If you are a 21st century marketing organization and not using marketing automation tool like HubSpot, you might loose your differentiation and marketing battle to other players, who have already realized the importance of these tools.

How A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd. can help in HubSpot Marketing Automation in India:

We could first meet your marketing decision maker along with Grupo PTM Sr. Member in India to understand your sales and marketing objectives. Understand and organize a Sales and Marketing alignment workshop and the discovery from that workshop would help you take the relevant HubSpot Modules to implement. We can help you in software licence signups, Training of core team, consulting, Implementation, providing resources for onsite support and ongoing maintenance of the HubSpot Instance by actively working together with your core teams.

Ajay Chhabra 
Founder & Chief Digital Officer
A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015 Resolution from A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd.

New Year 2015 Resolution from A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd. 

We Love Client’s Business Challenges.
We continue to Move Forward even if going gets tough.
We believe in Continual Efforts for client’s business Growth

We learn from Criticism & get Inspired from Success of others.
We believe that Growth requires Steeping into unknown territories.
We are growing day-by-day with each & every Client’s interaction.

At times we believe that our aim is business growth and not perfection,
We come out of our comfort Zone very easily to support our clients. 

Excellence, Improvement, Achievement & Success are the only meaningful words.
We embrace change. We value commitment. We deliver results.

We are here because of you. We love you so much.

Our new year’s resolution is your Business Growth.

Happy New Year 2015 


Ajay Chhabra
Founder & Chief Digital Officer
A3R Digital Private Limited

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Real Time Marketing- next Buzzword in Digital Marketing

Real Time Marketing is a new buzzword in the digital marketing industry.  Companies have gone beyond Digital first, Mobile first to the philosophy of “We First” in front of the customers….How many time you might have realized that if there are 50,000 unique visitors on your website and you could interact with each one of them?

Now it is possible with the power and tools of digital marketing. There are a number of tools, technologies and companies who have now started offering Real-time marketing.  We at a3R Digital are committed to your success. In case you feel that you need to have online engagement and conversions with your customers, while he is surfing your website and you would want to delight customer s by offering your service first before he switches to a competitor website.

Then please drop in an email to or speak with me directly at 0091-8130940808 for booking a half a day consulting session on how Real-Time Marketing could help you generate more online sales and conversions and how you could create an online demand generation centre within your office.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, October 10, 2014

A3R Digital - Strategy First

Ajay Chhabra

Monday, September 15, 2014

DigiConfluence 2014 – The Digital Meet, Pune, India

Lavale, Pune – 7th September, 2014: ‘DigiConfluence 2014’ was hosted by Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, PG, Pune in collaboration with MSLGROUP on 7th September. This landmark conclave, held at the Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale, Pune, was organized to enable an interaction between industry experts and students interested in the digital domain. The speakers for the day comprised eminent professionals from the digital industry, who sought to address shifting trends in the online space and ensuing new opportunities.

The day kicked off with Mr. Narendra Nag, Asia Digital Head, MSLGROUP addressing eager students, by taking them back to the world of analog and trunk calls, a picture which is in stark contrast to today’s age of information clutter. “The future is here. The idea of distances has disappeared,” he said, dwelling on the significance of technology and the power that it lends us today.   

The first panel discussion broached the topic of, ‘How digital media is evolving, and what’s in it for brands?’ The panel comprised digital wizards like Mr. Rohan Babu, Senior Manager - Digital at Audi India, Mr Subhranshu Kumar, Senior Manager-Digital Marketing at Whirlpool India and Ms. Namrata Balwani, former CEO at Media2win.

Mr. Raheel Khursheed, Head of News, Politics and Government at Twitter India set the tone for the succeeding panel discussion on ‘Is Content always the king? by talking about the evolving face of the internet and how it is morphing into a medium of creator-consumer interaction.

The second panel, including speakers such as Mr. Aditya Pawan, National Digital Manager at Red Bull, Mr Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan, Founder i420digital, Mr. Prashanth Kumar, Director of strategy Digitas LBI and Mr. Ankit Oberoi, CEO of Ad Pushup, examined how digital content can be harnessed effectively by brands seeking to communicate better with their consumers.

Ms. Ansoo Gupta, COO Pinstorm attempted to quell the debate on technology invading personal space by illustrating how brands can use innovative tools like dynamic ad creatives, in-store CRM and facial recognition.

The concluding panel discussion of the day was on the ‘Future of Mobile Marketing’. The participating members were Mr. Sujoy Golan, Global Digital Marketing, InMobi, Mr. Saurabh Arora, CEO and founder of Airwoot and Mr Hariom Seth, founder of Tagglabs. The panel discussed about the all-pervasive nature of mobile.

About DigiConfluence:
DigiConfluence is a convergence of digital media professionals from the industry who aim to create an environment of knowledge-sharing, geared towards the needs of students who aspire to be a part of the digital media boom in the years to come.
About Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication:
Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication has evolved from being a journalism college at the inception to a mass communication college in some years. What has remained constant is its ability to attract talent across all faculties- students, academicians and industry professionals.
MSLGROUP India is the nation’s largest PR and Social Media network, comprising two leading brands– MSL INDIA and 20:20 MSL. MSLGROUP India combined includes 14 offices across 8 key-cities, 550+ professionals partnering with 220+ clients, national and global. 

Press Contact for Content for Media, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication:Prachi Pandey
Phone: +91 8975998577

This blog post is published by me on the email request from the press team of Content for Media, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. Please share your comments on the post or you could reach out to the press team of the institute directly, but something which I want to share and comment upon is that, this event was very well organized and professionally managed and promoted by the institute team. I would like to sincerely thank the team for requesting me to publish a story of the event and at the same time congratulate the team for organizing this event and promoting Digital Media in India.

Founder and Chief Digital Officer @ A3R Digital

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sh. Arvind Gupta, National Head - IT Cell, BJP, at a panel discussion on Social Media - Challenges for Conventional Media

Mr. Arvind Gupta is heading the IT Cell of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) at National level. BJP is currently the ruling party in India. Arvind was leading the digital and social media campaign from BJP and his efforts and vision has proved the point that social media. If used intelligently, could lead to the success of any political campaign. I got a chance to work under his direct supervision and guidance for almost a year while he was the CEO of e-enable Technologies and I used to be the pre-sales and business development manager there and we have a lot of memories of the past. He is a very well respected professional in the field of Information technology, digital marketing and social media in India. He is an alumnus of IIT- BHU and one of the early adopters of technology solutions in India and currently being ranked as one of the pioneers in Information Technology in India. You can follow him at his Twitter handle @BuzzinDelhi. Please refer his recent interesting YouTube Video of Panel Discussion on "Social Media - Challenges for Conventional Media"

Ajay Chhabra 
Founder & Chief Digital Officer @ A3R Digital

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Could we regulate Social Media by creating a Global / National Social Media ID?

The use of social media channels and platforms is increasing at a very rapid rate. Not only consumers are spending a lot of time on social networks, but brands are also spending time and figuring our social media strategy & approaches to connect with consumers online and build social business models.

There are a number of challenges which are currently limiting the growth of Social Business models and as a digital marketer I wish to propose a global solution for the same.

The Current Challenges:

1) No control on creating multiple accounts on any social network: There are currently no control on creating multiple user profile on social media platforms by any unique individual. This initiates the problems on fake online and social identity and is the root cause of a number of other issues. 

2) Fake/Inactive User profiles at leading social networks: in the race of getting ahead with the rival social media networks, we feel that X% of any social media network account is fake/inactive account. The only advantage of the same is to fudge user base numbers. If someone has to deep down on this I believe you could find vendors in your country / city which sell you Facebook Fans at a cost.

3) Lack of Global regulations: There are no defined global regulations on what is being said, done and transacted on social media platforms apart from country specific cyber/IT laws which have a limited say in the entire process. Also these networks and communities refer and serve the need of different type of consumers so that is why I believe there has never been a thought to regulate or bring in some regulations.

4) Social media lead crimes/ impersonation and abuse is on the rise: Every now and then we keep on hearing stories that this is a social media lead crime and abuse. Apart from direct crimes, some of the social networks has been slammed to be contributing to low moral values in the society and even leading to adultery and divorces. 

The probable solution for the world:

Could the law enforcement agencies not work with the leading social media platforms to create a process where they put checks and balances on  creating multiple accounts, deleting inactive / fake accounts at regular intervals, could agree upon a common rules and regulations which would even bind the platforms responsible along with users and help and inform the law enforcement agencies on regular basis by reporting and submitting the list of the potential risk based social media profiles on their platforms which have been identified as either potential threat to national security or having a high probability of getting indulged in social crimes.  Some of these activities if implemented could be part of these social platforms annual return as their responsibility towards the society at large.

Going beyond the negative aspects, if one has to leverage upon the availability of genuine users and buyers on the social media and when we know that both brands and customers are available. Could we think of creating a Global / National level Social Media ID which is linked to your social security number and combines and lists all of your social profiles in a single database?

Creation of a single common social media ID:

Creation of a single common social media ID if taken as a project could help social media platforms, brand marketers and law enforcement agencies at National and even at Global level. So the steps would be as simple as this:

1)      National/global law enforcement agencies would create a database of allotting a national/global social ids to it’s citizen. Anyone at any age can apply and get a unique Id by submitting basic users details like first name, last name, city, DOB, Primary email id, secondary email id, gender, marital status, anniversary etc. This is a onetime step for all existing and new social media users.          
2)      All the social platforms have to be ready to accept a new additional database field – National / Global Social Id and make specific changes in the user profile to be able to show national / global social id as a badge or any other form.
3)      Any internet user who wishes to be a part of any social network for the first time has to first get his national / Global social id created and activated.
4)      He could then join any social network by validating his social id and as and when he keeps on joining new networks, he keeps on referring the same national / global social id.
5)      It’s the responsibility of any social platform to allow/disallow a user basis fake id or if the ID is being used already by any other users.
6)      So whenever a user joins a new social network, this id has to be mentioned and this way it can be linked to your previous social media history.
      This if becomes possible and even if implemented in small steps world’s top three social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin could help us address a lot of concerns in taking social CRM, Social Payments and Social Commerce to next level as we would have a process to validate a social profiles identity and one can map a social 360 degree view of a user. This does not stop here. If you link this global / national social id to your bank accounts, passports, credit cards, social virtual money, PAN cards we could make the dream of social business model possible. The idea came to my mind and I thought of writing a blog post and sharing with the entire world.

The bottom line fact is social media, to my mind, is a publicly accessible media, available to all, co-created and universally available and has already been responsible for a large number of massive global movements in various parts of the world. In all the cases users saying, liking or spreading a particular news/image are responsible themselves and no one else.  So for what sake we can leave it un-monitored and unregulated when all other forms of media are heavily regulated?

Do please let me know what you think?

Ajay Chhabra
Founder and Chief Digital Officer, A3R Digital
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Presentation at ET - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit, 27th June, 2014, New Delhi, India

Presentation at The Economic Times - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit, 27th June, 2014, New Delhi India. 

Ajay Chhabra

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Economic Times Real Estate and Digital Marketing Summit New Delhi June 2014

The Economic Times Real Estate and Digital Marketing Summit New Delhi – 27th June, 2014. 

The Economic Times has offered me an opportunity to speak on the topic "How Technology Can Take Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level?" In The ET Edge - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit on 27th June 2014 in New Delhi.

This is going to be an interesting forum for the Real Estate Industry CEOs as at this juncture they are facing the challenge of slowdown, traditional marketing is often not delivering the desired outcomes, customer demographics are changing and beyond digital first, mobile first is a new trend in Real Estate Search. However Digital Marketing is still a mere 25% of the total INR 2500 Cr. estimated spends in the Real Estate marketing. 

There is a great potential and opportunity for the digital marketing professionals to help grow the Real Estate Industry in India and I have almost finished my presentation on "How Technology Can Take Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level?".

This is gonna be a little futuristic presentation but I am very confident that this is going to be a delight for all Real Estate Decision makers. Looking forward to this big day on 27th June, 2014. My sincere thanks to The Economic Times Edge Events Team in advance.

Click to see the details about other Speakers for ET Real Estate and Digital Marketing, New Delhi.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to ensure transparency in Digital Marketing spends?

How to ensure transparency in Digital Marketing spends?
World-over marketing spends in digital marketing are increasing. It is now no more a new media anymore. It has already got the attention of marketers and CMOs. World over we are experiencing a shift in the media spends. CIOs are intimidated with increasing importance of CMOs. Marketing heads are now building in-house capabilities of “marketing-technologist”. The digital ecosystem 2014 has more than 40 categories and more than 900 vendors listed in it. How do we make sure that which solution is good for my organization's requirements and which solution is in alignment with my organization's broader strategy and would this be a cosmetic tool or would straightaway contribute to the returns on marketing investments?

There has been exponential growth of ad-networks (earlier) and now Mobile ad-networks. Even IAB has raised concerns on the accountability, transparency and click-frauds. How does a CMO deal with all of this and move ahead in such a dynamic industry which is moving very fast.

The biggest question is how to ensure transparency in digital marketing spends and grow the brand?

Based on my prior experience of growing hundreds of brands with ethical digital marketing practices, these are some of the recommendations which one should experiment with….
  • Don’t trust upon your digital agency blindly
  • Have a panel of multiple digital marketing agencies working on your brand
  • Hire the most credible digital marketer from your agency in your brand team
  • Don’t accept XLS files as campaign results and ask for server reports
  • Use third party serving digital marketing tools
  • Check & benchmark upon past campaign results from similar industry
  • Use a tagging tool
  • Don’t use blind ad networks and always ask your ad networks to share their site lists
  • Stop using “Clicks” as the measure of campaign success objective and plan. Try and find out ways to link revenue generated from the campaign
  • Some of the leading e-commerce sites even use the metrics of “revenue per visit” which might not be true to that extent in your industry, but at-least think in that direction
  • Always ask for third-party/portal bills
  • Ask agencies to create dedicated search accounts for your campaigns & brand and ask them to spend via the same and add your digital marketing manager as co-admin
  • Evaluate and optimize digital marketing campaign every week and ask for reports from the agency teams
  • Reward agency professionals with right set of values, honesty and integrity 

These tips and techniques would help bring in more transparency to digital marketing spends and would prove the credibility and effectiveness of the medium. If you need any further information, please feel free to call me at 0091-8130940808 or Skype me “CallonAjay”

Ajay Chhabra
Promoter of Ethical Digital Marketing Practices  
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