Thursday, August 28, 2014

Could we regulate Social Media by creating a Global / National Social Media ID?

The use of social media channels and platforms is increasing at a very rapid rate. Not only consumers are spending a lot of time on social networks, but brands are also spending time and figuring our social media strategy & approaches to connect with consumers online and build social business models.

There are a number of challenges which are currently limiting the growth of Social Business models and as a digital marketer I wish to propose a global solution for the same.

The Current Challenges:

1) No control on creating multiple accounts on any social network: There are currently no control on creating multiple user profile on social media platforms by any unique individual. This initiates the problems on fake online and social identity and is the root cause of a number of other issues. 

2) Fake/Inactive User profiles at leading social networks: in the race of getting ahead with the rival social media networks, we feel that X% of any social media network account is fake/inactive account. The only advantage of the same is to fudge user base numbers. If someone has to deep down on this I believe you could find vendors in your country / city which sell you Facebook Fans at a cost.

3) Lack of Global regulations: There are no defined global regulations on what is being said, done and transacted on social media platforms apart from country specific cyber/IT laws which have a limited say in the entire process. Also these networks and communities refer and serve the need of different type of consumers so that is why I believe there has never been a thought to regulate or bring in some regulations.

4) Social media lead crimes/ impersonation and abuse is on the rise: Every now and then we keep on hearing stories that this is a social media lead crime and abuse. Apart from direct crimes, some of the social networks has been slammed to be contributing to low moral values in the society and even leading to adultery and divorces. 

The probable solution for the world:

Could the law enforcement agencies not work with the leading social media platforms to create a process where they put checks and balances on  creating multiple accounts, deleting inactive / fake accounts at regular intervals, could agree upon a common rules and regulations which would even bind the platforms responsible along with users and help and inform the law enforcement agencies on regular basis by reporting and submitting the list of the potential risk based social media profiles on their platforms which have been identified as either potential threat to national security or having a high probability of getting indulged in social crimes.  Some of these activities if implemented could be part of these social platforms annual return as their responsibility towards the society at large.

Going beyond the negative aspects, if one has to leverage upon the availability of genuine users and buyers on the social media and when we know that both brands and customers are available. Could we think of creating a Global / National level Social Media ID which is linked to your social security number and combines and lists all of your social profiles in a single database?

Creation of a single common social media ID:

Creation of a single common social media ID if taken as a project could help social media platforms, brand marketers and law enforcement agencies at National and even at Global level. So the steps would be as simple as this:

1)      National/global law enforcement agencies would create a database of allotting a national/global social ids to it’s citizen. Anyone at any age can apply and get a unique Id by submitting basic users details like first name, last name, city, DOB, Primary email id, secondary email id, gender, marital status, anniversary etc. This is a onetime step for all existing and new social media users.          
2)      All the social platforms have to be ready to accept a new additional database field – National / Global Social Id and make specific changes in the user profile to be able to show national / global social id as a badge or any other form.
3)      Any internet user who wishes to be a part of any social network for the first time has to first get his national / Global social id created and activated.
4)      He could then join any social network by validating his social id and as and when he keeps on joining new networks, he keeps on referring the same national / global social id.
5)      It’s the responsibility of any social platform to allow/disallow a user basis fake id or if the ID is being used already by any other users.
6)      So whenever a user joins a new social network, this id has to be mentioned and this way it can be linked to your previous social media history.
      This if becomes possible and even if implemented in small steps world’s top three social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin could help us address a lot of concerns in taking social CRM, Social Payments and Social Commerce to next level as we would have a process to validate a social profiles identity and one can map a social 360 degree view of a user. This does not stop here. If you link this global / national social id to your bank accounts, passports, credit cards, social virtual money, PAN cards we could make the dream of social business model possible. The idea came to my mind and I thought of writing a blog post and sharing with the entire world.

The bottom line fact is social media, to my mind, is a publicly accessible media, available to all, co-created and universally available and has already been responsible for a large number of massive global movements in various parts of the world. In all the cases users saying, liking or spreading a particular news/image are responsible themselves and no one else.  So for what sake we can leave it un-monitored and unregulated when all other forms of media are heavily regulated?

Do please let me know what you think?

Ajay Chhabra
Founder and Chief Digital Officer, A3R Digital
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Presentation at ET - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit, 27th June, 2014, New Delhi, India

Presentation at The Economic Times - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit, 27th June, 2014, New Delhi India. 

Ajay Chhabra

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Economic Times Real Estate and Digital Marketing Summit New Delhi June 2014

The Economic Times Real Estate and Digital Marketing Summit New Delhi – 27th June, 2014. 

The Economic Times has offered me an opportunity to speak on the topic "How Technology Can Take Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level?" In The ET Edge - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit on 27th June 2014 in New Delhi.

This is going to be an interesting forum for the Real Estate Industry CEOs as at this juncture they are facing the challenge of slowdown, traditional marketing is often not delivering the desired outcomes, customer demographics are changing and beyond digital first, mobile first is a new trend in Real Estate Search. However Digital Marketing is still a mere 25% of the total INR 2500 Cr. estimated spends in the Real Estate marketing. 

There is a great potential and opportunity for the digital marketing professionals to help grow the Real Estate Industry in India and I have almost finished my presentation on "How Technology Can Take Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level?".

This is gonna be a little futuristic presentation but I am very confident that this is going to be a delight for all Real Estate Decision makers. Looking forward to this big day on 27th June, 2014. My sincere thanks to The Economic Times Edge Events Team in advance.

Click to see the details about other Speakers for ET Real Estate and Digital Marketing, New Delhi.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to ensure transparency in Digital Marketing spends?

How to ensure transparency in Digital Marketing spends?
World-over marketing spends in digital marketing are increasing. It is now no more a new media anymore. It has already got the attention of marketers and CMOs. World over we are experiencing a shift in the media spends. CIOs are intimidated with increasing importance of CMOs. Marketing heads are now building in-house capabilities of “marketing-technologist”. The digital ecosystem 2014 has more than 40 categories and more than 900 vendors listed in it. How do we make sure that which solution is good for my organization's requirements and which solution is in alignment with my organization's broader strategy and would this be a cosmetic tool or would straightaway contribute to the returns on marketing investments?

There has been exponential growth of ad-networks (earlier) and now Mobile ad-networks. Even IAB has raised concerns on the accountability, transparency and click-frauds. How does a CMO deal with all of this and move ahead in such a dynamic industry which is moving very fast.

The biggest question is how to ensure transparency in digital marketing spends and grow the brand?

Based on my prior experience of growing hundreds of brands with ethical digital marketing practices, these are some of the recommendations which one should experiment with….
  • Don’t trust upon your digital agency blindly
  • Have a panel of multiple digital marketing agencies working on your brand
  • Hire the most credible digital marketer from your agency in your brand team
  • Don’t accept XLS files as campaign results and ask for server reports
  • Use third party serving digital marketing tools
  • Check & benchmark upon past campaign results from similar industry
  • Use a tagging tool
  • Don’t use blind ad networks and always ask your ad networks to share their site lists
  • Stop using “Clicks” as the measure of campaign success objective and plan. Try and find out ways to link revenue generated from the campaign
  • Some of the leading e-commerce sites even use the metrics of “revenue per visit” which might not be true to that extent in your industry, but at-least think in that direction
  • Always ask for third-party/portal bills
  • Ask agencies to create dedicated search accounts for your campaigns & brand and ask them to spend via the same and add your digital marketing manager as co-admin
  • Evaluate and optimize digital marketing campaign every week and ask for reports from the agency teams
  • Reward agency professionals with right set of values, honesty and integrity 

These tips and techniques would help bring in more transparency to digital marketing spends and would prove the credibility and effectiveness of the medium. If you need any further information, please feel free to call me at 0091-8130940808 or Skype me “CallonAjay”

Ajay Chhabra
Promoter of Ethical Digital Marketing Practices  
Digital Marketing India Blog

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Future Print Newspapers will speak and tell their story?


Digital technologies are blurring the gap between offline & online media. Once of such innovative use of the digital marketing technology is the development of a Quick response code, popularly known as QR code. Using QR code one could integrate a cryptic looking code and embed it as part of the print ad.

QR Code Technology Explained:

This is a software generated code which when printed, as a square block, to any print advertisement and when pointed by a GPRS or Internet enabled smartphone, and scanned by a bar-code reader software could help user land to a particular internet destination/ watch a video or go to a social networking website. The usage is limited as due to minimum size requirements, internet bandwidth, hosting of mobile optimized web content and Smart phone and usage of generic bar code reader software.

Mobile internet is flourishing:

There is an increased trend in usage of mobile internet and the adoption of the smart-phone devices. The mobile internet is projected to grow world-wide and cross-over the web based internet access in 2015.

New Developments in QR Code Technology:

For QR code technology to gain mass momentum there are two road-blocks, one in terms of the usage of universally accepted bar code scanner software so that user is not bound by downloading a new reader software every time he see and scans a new printed bar code. Second this technology is still not matured to the aspect that it can scan a small code size. There is a similar digital technology which is called AR or artificial reality which recognizes a specific image rather then universal code.

How news print title could have a QR Code integrated?

The future newspapers would have a micro-sized QR code integrated on the title of the news item itself so that when a user is not interested to read the news item he could scan the code using any smart-phone and the entire news item is download on his mobile. He could then either listen to the news item or view as video clip. So in a way the newspaper would sing or tell their story. The same would be implemented in the Digital Version of this print paper where-in by just the press of the button - Video or Audio will stream.

The advantages of the same in the Manufacturing Industry

if the size of the bar-code and the universal adaptability of the scanner issue is resolved then this could be the future of the Manufacturing as well, where-in we could say why only Print news-papers even the machines would be able to sing or tell their story.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, May 18, 2012

New 8 Ps of Agency Marketing « Best Media Info

Check out Guest Times: New 8 Ps of Agency Marketing « Best Media Info, News and Analysis on Indian Advertising, Marketing and Media Industry. This is first of my story which got published in the leading agency media publication and this article is the crux of my learnings in the advertising agency world. According to the founder editor of this article was very well recieved and had a average stay of 7.5 minutes on the page. This article was shared more than 40 times in the social media. Please click here to read more..>>


Ajay Chhabra

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The new 8 P's of Agency Marketing...

What should one expect from its new marketing agency and it's team...I call these as the new 8 P's of Agency Marketing...all the views expressed here are mine and are basis my prior experience and exposure of working with a multiple number of global brands...

• Proactiveness: - The first and the foremost expectation of any brand from its marketing agency should be that the agency people should be proactive rather than being reactive. They should continually monitor brand and competition and should come forward and share ideas with the brand team.

• Preparation: - Agency should be thorough in their plans and preparations as being at a client side every brand struggles with go-to-market, creation of a niche market, and stringent timelines. it’s good to delay a meeting worth for few hours than reaching on time at client site without preparation...when agencies delay meeting time, brands understand that there is some last minute work going on at agency, which is good for brand.

• Patience: - Agency people sometimes get frustrated in terms of the time and efforts spent on making a plan and during the pitch process to client your boss and Pitch leader says hey you are not going to present your part today. Have patience, as the time and energy you spent on creating something new which never got presented to the client is your hard work and would definitely be utilized somewhere else for a similar business challenge.

• Persuasiveness: - One should be persuasive enough to put across his ideas and taking them to execution. There are clients who don't have any set budget, but if you have any innovative idea they can create budget for the same. So whenever you have an idea and you believe in the power of that idea, be persuasive enough to take the same to the client and have faith that somewhere someone (I call him third umpire) is noticing all your noble intentions of making this brand a better brand.

• Persistence: Agency should be persistent in its effort to help achieve brand objectives. There would be instances where the campaign would not go the way you wanted it to go, yet you have to be persistent and brands love that.

• Planning: - This is the most crucial skill of any marketing agency. Limited number of planners and large number of brands & pitches and yet to justify each and every presentation you put together for brand. So even planning is an attitude and this should be inherently present in all the professionals working in there. Even being a client servicing person you need to plan your time, WIP and deliveries well. So in nutshell everybody in the agency team needs to demonstrate the true planning skills.

• People: A brand spends a large amount of money every month in retaining an agency which is made up of a team and people. The brand will grow even if they get one person who breaths in and breaths out the brand all the time and become a true and honest brand ambassador. So the crux of the story is agency people with good and positive attitude could make a brand and the opposite of this is also true. There are large numbers of examples.

• Profit Focus: - As an agency if you demonstrate that whatever investments or spend you are doing on the behalf of the client has a solid returns on investment, then please go ahead and do that else wait for some time and think does this spend in anyway bring in profit to the client. When we hear the debates on pay for performance and variable component linked to performance is all because every brand need justification for money spent. So profit focus is going to help both the brand as well as the agency as both are growing together.

If you work for a marketing agency and have read through this article, and started practicing these new 8 P’s of Agency marketing, then nobody can stop you being on the other side of the table one fine day.


Ajay Chhabra

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Digital Marketing Training and Consulting for Amadeus India

This is last session picture at Amadeus India, on the day of completion of on-site Digital Marketing Training and Consulting at their Gurgaon office. Post I started conducting this Digital Marketing Training and Consulting at Amedeus India, the web team is feeling Self Sufficient and highly empowered when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Ajay Chhabra

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sky Connect Helicopter Charter Services

This is another passion project i have managed at Myoho. When i met the CEO for the first time it was very tough to convince him regarding the true value of Search Marketing. We made few changes in the entire website, created a high performance PPC Campaign structure and did SEO On-Page optimization. Immediately after the first caching in just two weeks, the website has started ranking high on industry keywords and now (Amit CEO Sky Connect) is extremely happy and wants more. Please log on to

Ajay Chhabra

Saturday, August 13, 2011

GM (General Motors India) Beat Diesel Digital Launch

Being the Lead - Digital Marketing on one of the most demanding client in the automobile field is one of my best experiences. Thanks McCann for considering me for taking forward this responsibility. There is great learning, great execution, on and offs of online campaigns, never ending task lists, global con-calls, never ending reporting, brain-storming and on an average one creative deliverable every half an hour to supervise. Thanks to my new team members who are supporting me in all of this and I believe within months or so General Motors India will be talked about as one of the leading company in India who is to be benchmarked when it comes to DIGITAL MARKETING in India. Our first assignment went very well with a large number of Car sales > 5500 cars in just six days...Thanks to Preeti Bhatnagar for her vision of making digital big for GM India and Gaurav kulshreshtha for his Technology/Planning expertise.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meeting Prasoon Joshi sir in McCann (Office) Party

On 9th August i got a chance to meet Prasoon Joshi sir again and got a picture clicked in the McCann (office) party....We have two similarities we both were born on 16th September and we both work for the same organization as one team on GM India.

Ajay Chhabra

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

General Motors India

MRM Worldwide's Global, regional and India team members at General Motors office in India...

Ajay Chhabra

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reebok World Cup Dil Se Contest Event

Finally i met the cricket stars i admire a lot..thanks Reebok...for giving MRM Worldwide an opportunity to work on this social media project.

For more pictures of the event...please click here

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reebok Facebook Camapign

We at McCann/MRM have launched yet another Facebook campaign and now this time for Reebok..

The World Cup brought tears to India’s strongest men. What did it do to you? Express your feelings by posting a msg on the Reebok World Cup Dil Se wall and get to meet Dhoni & Yuraj. To participate...Visit

Ajay Chhabra

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MyCard Phase -2

We are ready with another phase in this project where in we have done lot of web services integration for creating a self service portal for this loyalty card for Loyalty Mine..

Ajay Chhabra

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blackberrys Menswear Launches Co-Host Contest

Blackberrys Menswear Launches Co-Host Contest. It's the sharp, smooth and sure shot way to fame! All you have to do is show the world you've got what it takes to by uploading your video. Post a video on our wall, telling us why you should Co-Host the show and you could be co-hosting "Blackberry's Young Guns" @ Backwaters IIM Kozhikode fest along with Ashutosh Sinha...on NDTV Profit...So hurry up! Entries closes on 15th November, 2010. MRM is the Social Media Agency...

Ajay Chhabra

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Videocon d2h satellite LCD TV Promotion Website

Videocon Launches Videocon d2h satellite LCD TV Promotion Microsite

Recently at MRM we have worked upon, designed, developed and launched the satellite LCD TV Promotion Microsite. Check out the cool offers from Videocon d2h team...Videocon d2h Sattelite LCD TV Promotion Microsite

Ajay Chhabra

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool Game for Tetra Pak India...

Drink Healthy Live Healthy Game – Win Cool Prizes Daily!

It’s a stunning beachside, and you have an opportunity to impress the world with your healthy mocktails and shakes! The Drink Healthy Live Healthy Game tests your mixing skills to the max. Make cool mocktails and shakes, challenge your friends on Facebook! Set your sights on the highest scores and you’re on your way to win some really awesome stuff from Tetra Pak.


Daily Prizes:
- One lucky participant gets an awesome Tetra Pak branded merchandise every day on Facebook.

Grand Prize:
- Top five high scorers of the game get a cool Tetra Pak branded gift hamper.

Ajay Chhabra

Friday, June 11, 2010

MyCard Website Goes Live

This is one of the most exciting business concept. Use one CRM card at mutiple business partner's outlet. MyCard is a venture of Loyalty Mine. Using one card users can earn smiles (Points) and burn these for most exciting gifts. MRM has launched the website's phase 1. (

Ajay Chhabra

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Check out this space for the link of a cool new game..

It's gonna be Live soon is 85% done and rest 15% will be completed today...This is gonna be one of the most exciting project I have ever been involved.

Ajay Chhabra