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DQ Live 2015 to be held in New Delhi on 11th March 2015

DQ Live 2015 to be held in New Delhi on 11th March 2015

Cyber Media Group is organizing DQ Live 2015 at The Grand New Delhi on 11th March, 2015.
DQ Live 2015 will focus on building digital mastery. Digital Transformation is on the agenda of almost all forward looking & visionary CEOs. To be able to successfully achieve the same it's the right time for Indian Organizations to introspect and analyze are we on the right track? Do we have right young talent to enter and help the board rooms. Do we feel that the brand equity which you have built for so long can easily be destroyed by a Mobile App or a disruptive idea by a start-up? Is having a CIO/CTO and aligning processes enough? is it not the right time for Re-Birth for Indian Organizations? Do you feel that every function needs to be Digital Savvy and work and think like a lean start-up? Are you getting the promised ROI from technology investments or thinking to grow your business multi-fold by simply investing in a Future Idea which will drive growth?

So many questions and yet one answer - Digital.

These are some of my thoughts on organizational realignment from Digital Standpoint...

1) Each and every function has to be digitally aligned.
2) We need to hire a Full time / Part time digital expert as Chief Digital Officer with focus on new ideas for business growth
3) We need internal talent and in-house capabilities to have each one of over 16 areas of digital marketing experts reporting into the same Chief Digital Officer
4)  Have multiple digital agencies on board and hire each one with specialization on to one specific area
5) Think, Act & Behave like Private Equity investors and start investing in start-up ideas
6) Evaluate investments based on merit of the idea
7) Have CXOs go through digital orientation workshops and ask them to crystallize their thoughts by ways and means of writing a leadership blog
8) Let CDOs get equal budgets as compared to CIO and CMOs
9) Link their budgets to ROI from the campaigns and let's have constant connect with consumers on Google/Bing Search, Social Media, Professional social networking websites and Digital Ecosystem.
10) Start trusting young talent and include them in board discussions and get ideas on bigger business challanges...

It's time to open up or being phased out....which one you would want to do? I really thank Ms. Prerna Sharma and Mr. Srikanth RP for inviting me to be a speaker and also to be a part of panel discussion on the role of chief digital officer. This is an interesting phase where-in Chief Digital Officers enter the CMO/CIO debate....and would help define this Role which is still under-utilized. It would be good platform to meet so many technology leaders at one place and also to network and take digital media and marketing to next levels. I am looking forward to listen to the views of Mr. ShivaKumar of Pepsico holdings India pvt ltd on Driving Digital Transformation and Creating an Enterprise-wide Digital Strategy.

Kindly have a look at the program and speakers....

Ajay Chhabra

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