Monday, January 26, 2015

HubSpot in India - Marketing Automation Tool

HubSpot in India - Marketing Automation Tool

Towards late December 2014, I am excited to get into another big league of Marketing automation and Digital marketing by signing an NDA & MoU with Grupo PTM on starting to resell, implement, provide training and support for HubSpot in India.

This is an exciting time for marketing. CMOs are becoming empowered even more than CTOs in terms of technology spends for marketing. It's an era where in CMOs need to make sure that they are using right set of Global tools for their organization. Marketing planning on XLS & PPT has a short life now.

HubSpot is an integrated marketing automation tool, which helps to bring in Sales and Marketing closer, provide a unified and integrated marketing platform which is ready to deploy, helps the organization in building a global campaign easily, have all pieces of marketing strategy at one place,  It helps you bring together Sales, Marketing, Customer support and helps you build an on-line demand generation centre for your business.

Investment in HubSpot enables you to leverage the advantages of Inbound Marketing. It brings your prospects closer to your brand via pull marketing strategy. You know who is visiting your website and what kind of content he has consumed and is he likely to convert now. You can do predictive modelling and leads nurturing and build your own alerts and workflows. It is exciting even for customers as they get serviced real time and marketing teams lead them automatically to the conversion funnel.

If you are a 21st century marketing organization and not using marketing automation tool like HubSpot, you might loose your differentiation and marketing battle to other players, who have already realized the importance of these tools.

How A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd. can help in HubSpot Marketing Automation in India:

We could first meet your marketing decision maker along with Grupo PTM Sr. Member in India to understand your sales and marketing objectives. Understand and organize a Sales and Marketing alignment workshop and the discovery from that workshop would help you take the relevant HubSpot Modules to implement. We can help you in software licence signups, Training of core team, consulting, Implementation, providing resources for onsite support and ongoing maintenance of the HubSpot Instance by actively working together with your core teams.

Ajay Chhabra 
Founder & Chief Digital Officer
A3R Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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